Our Queen

Zefirinka Sibirushka Krasa n22 09(golden,dilution,carrier)

DOB: 03/29/16

Description: Zefrinka Sibirushka Krasa whose nickname is "Kookla" is a an impressive  female imported from a top breeder in Ukraine. She has an excellent pedigree including multiple world, European and International Champions. "Kookla" has a gorgeous big head, and strong bones, and a stunning beautiful  coat. She has a very traditional and true Siberian look, characteristics and mannerisms. Her temperament is very sweet and she is very smart. She loves to be picked up and is a true friend who follows us around. "Kookla" is confident and laid back. She gets along with our parrots, dogs, and our Bengal cats. She loves to hold your arms with her paws. She sleeps with us on the bed. She loves to sit and look at the bird feeder stands we have set up outside. She and Cosmos are a perfect combination of strong and powerful blood lines combining two excellent breeding lines. Please see our Facebook page for additional photos and check her pedigree for more details.



Breeder's page


Blood Group N/N

Tests: FeLV(-), FIV(-),HCM(-)


International Champion Sokrovische Onega          n 23 09


Champion CH WCF Germes for Manchzury n 22

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Our Second Queen

Inter Champion Chernika Dostoyanie Sibiri SIB f23 torty mackerel tabby

DOB: 12/08/15


Chernika came from the famous Dostoyanie Sibiri. They are known for their exclusive Krasnoyarsk bloodlines. Thanks so much for your contribution to Nicholas-Siberians. This is an amazing cat. She is the most talkative and expressive cat in our program. From the very first time we laid eyes on her she has been communicating and taking up a storm. She is very affectionate and has been a real friend. She is very smart and is a great mother. Her kittens are well taken care of and they are incredible offspring. She is very elegant and possesses great charm and charisma. She gets along with all the others and is perceived as the leader in the group. She was an Inter Champion in Russia and Kazakhstan before she arrived. She behaves like a Champion. She is one of the best we have ever seen.  



Breeder's page:


Blood Group N/N

Tests: FeLV(-), FIV(-),HCM(-)


ICH WCF CACA Dostoyanie Sibiri SIB n 23 Black mackerel tabby


CH WCF Orion Dostoyanie Sibiri

 SIB d 23

Red Mackerel Tabby

Chernika's beautiful summer coat

These photos of Chernika were taken at the end of May. She has lost her beautiful winter coat which will  return in the fall. She still has a gorgeous, very thick, silky coat representing the true traditional line from the famous Krsnoyarsk bloodline in Siberia. 

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