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We have three of the very best top notch Siberian cats from Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk Siberia in Russia and Kiev, Ukraine that carry the traditional, old style, champion bloodlines. Both of the parents of these cats were international champions and come from native pedigree bloodlines. Thanks to Irina Parshina of Sladkoe Pyatnyshko and Jilena Klimenko from Siberushka Krasa for their beautiful cats. The cats are gorgeous, well tempered, strong and great friends to our children and other pets. Amazing hypo allergenic cats and personable pets. They have the look of the traditional siberian forest cat. 



Jeffrey C. Nicholas and history


  Welcome to TICA registered cattery Nicholas Siberians. My name is Jeff Nicholas. I am an Attorney and founded the Nicholas Law Firm in 1989. I have offices in Waterbury and Torrington Connecticut. I have served as First Selectman, (Mayor) in the Town of Bethlehem where we live. I have always loved cats. My childhood cat lived with me for 21 years until I graduated from Law School. I have Bengal cats that I purchased as pets but I was always interested in authentic Siberians from Russia. My cats have always been a source of pleasure. The cats love me and often surround me while I am working in my home office. They are great friends and a great stress reducer. Some time ago I had the idea of creating a top -notch hypoallergenic beautiful, well tempered Siberian cat.    Hypoallergenic does not mean they are allergy free. People with severe allergies including me will still have some reaction to these cats. For folks like me please take Zyrtec or Claritin and it will pass within a couple of weeks. It only took me a few weeks to adjust to the Siberians and my bengals. If you see someone advertise their cats as completely allergy free this is inaccurate. I chose traditional Siberian cats because research has shown that Siberian cats have less allergin than the Neva Masquarade cats. (Siberians cross bread with Siamese).   With this in mind, I purchased and imported Cosmo from Irina Parshina from Tomsk Siberia at Sladkoe Pyatnyshko. Cosmo has the sweetest personality and is very confident and gorgeous. While he has that great fluffy magnificient, powerful monstrous look inside he is just a sweethear. He is already best friends with my German Shepard dog and visits my Yellow Nape Amazon and African Grey Parrots and hangs around with them. He will be the perfect stud. He exemplifies the traditional, rare, old, native Russian bloodlines champions. The Siberians are very intelligent and good tempered. He has a true perfect head Cosmos exemplifies all of these characteristics. Cosmo’s Mother is European Champion Charovnitza Sladkoe Pyatnyshko born July 28, 2009. His father is Istok Sladkoe Pyatnyshko. His famous grandparents include Dostoyanie Sibiry, and Grand European Champion Angelur Shalunya.    As I needed a Queen for Cosmo I purchased and imported Zefirinka n 22 09 (golden ,dilution carrier) house name is Kookla from Jlena Klimenko of Sibiushka in Kiev, Ukraine. I love Kiev and have enjoyed visiting there on nearly a dozen occasions. Kookla’s father is Champion WCF Germes for Manchzhury n 22 and the mother is international champion CH WCF Sokrovische Onega n 23 09. She is very cuddly and warm and has a great happy temperament. She is smart and is a great addition to the family.    I want our cats to carry the best bloodlines in the world. Their relatives include Sibaris, Sibirskoe Ocharovanie, Onix Gloria, Manchzhury, Valenvik, Abakan, Adagio, Angara Urkis among others.    After the first set of kittens I hope to purchase another queen from Irina Parshina to complement Cosmo and build a great line. I would like to provide to Connecticut and the tri state area, New York, New Jersey, New England the highest quality kittens that can be found in line with the great Russian Siberians.    We intend to offer affordable cats. I am not in this for the money. Please visit our Facebook page Nicholas-Siberians to see photos and updates of what we are doing.    Best Regards, Jeff Nicholas